Use case diagram


Core elements of a use case diagram
Figure 1. Core elements of a use case diagram
PlantUML source
  actor "Actor" <<Stereotype>>
  note right of :Actor:: Note

  package "Package" <<Stereotype>> {
    usecase UseCase as "Use case" <<Stereotype>>
  useCase UseCase2 as "Additional use case"
  :Actor: --> UseCase
  UseCase <|-- UseCase2


Use case diagram sample
Figure 2. Use case diagram sample
PlantUML source

actor user as "User"
actor developer as "Developer"
actor appman as "Application Manager"
actor dwb as "DataWorkbench"

user <|-- appman
appman <|-right- developer
developer <|-right- dwb

usecase hfeedback as "Get human-readable feedback"
usecase mfeedback as "Get machine-readable feedback"
usecase api as "Access an API"
usecase run as "Run the validator software"
usecase ws as "Access a web service"

(api) <|-- (mfeedback)
(api) <|-- (hfeedback)
(run) <|-- (api)
(ws) <|-- (run)

user --> (ws)

appman -> (api): "access"

developer -down-> (run)

dwb -> (ws): "operate"

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