Create inline SVG images for STEM content.


Asciidoc has macros to include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) equations and formulas. When STEM is "activated" on a page, it will include MathJax for client-side rendering of this content.

However, Antora does not include MathJax on STEM-enabled pages.

One way to solve this, is to add a slightly customised solution:

  • Add a page attribute like page-stem instead of stem.

  • Adapt the UI to include MathJax for pages with this attribute.

We have chosen a different way:

The benefit is that this is preserves the Asciidoc STEM macro behaviour. It also keeps the published pages a little lighter.

The downside is that it is not possible to copy an equation or formula from the page. Neither the source nor the image itself is selectable.

Client-side rendering works better for accessibility.

Using standard Asciidoc has priority now. [1] We expect that either Antora or the extension will be updated at some point.

Asciidoc seems to favour Asciimath over TeX and LaTeX as default format. It is possible to mix both on a page. It appears that TeX/LaTeX is more widely used in science.

Using STEM (summary)

Optionally activate STEM as attribute in the page header.

The extension does not require this attribute but will always process STEM blocks.
= Page title
:stem: (1)
1 Default value is asciimath, can also be latexmath.

Then add either inline or block elements.

This is inline stem:[sqrt(4) = 2].
It can be with explicit format choice:
latexmath:[C = \alpha + \beta Y^{\gamma} + \epsilon].

It can also be put in a block, which will be centered:

sqrt(4) = 2
sqrt(9) = 3

This is inline . It can be with explicit format choice: .

It can also be put in a block, which will be centered:

Not all latexmath blocks seem to work yet:

1 + 2 &= 3\\
1 &= 3 - 2

is rendered as

Unknown environment 'align*'

1. A third way is to consider Katex instead of MathJax, but this would also stray away from standard Asciidoc for now.
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