Combining multiple documentation sites

An Antora documentation site can subdivide its content in components that each have their own navigation.

Components can be used for individual technical parts, or for specific manuals. In the example below, we use technical parts for the Asciidoc & Antora section, and we use separate manuals for the Apache Hop section.

Each component can have one or more modules. The modules are not shown in the example below.

In our setup, we have added an extra layer of sections. Each section is its own Antora site. Navigation between these sites is configured in the Antora interface, using supplemental ui files.

Example 1. The documentation sections and components for local use on my machine

We use a separate search index per section. It is possible to search across all components within that section.

With the right additional setup, it is possible to combine multiple of these Antora-based sites into a bigger documentation site.

  • Each Antora site has its own playbook, and generates the output in a specific subdirectory of the normal output location.

  • The supplemental ui files contain template changes to provide the extra layer of selecting which Antora site to view.

  • All playbooks and the supplemental ui files are kept in a single repository.

  • The generator should do a run for each playbook.

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